Use Wedding Dj To Make Your Wedding Full Of Music

How to Choose a Wedding DJ


If we could only give you one tip, it would be this!

Your DJ is going to be responsible for setting the tone of the evening. If you have a boring DJ…that means a boring wedding.


You’ve probably been hearing how important communication is during all those premarital classes. Well, working a DJ is no different.

Playing music is only part of what a DJ does. The other half is talking. From making sure you’re on the same page regarding the “do not play” list to making sure the photographer captures the cake cutting, wedding DJs need to communicate and they need to do it well.


Any DJ who specializes in weddings will end up working a lot of them, so they need to be organized. But when those plans go awry, they also need to be flexible.

An organized DJ has a copy of the evening’s timeline so they can keep events on track. But if the bride and groom are an hour late, they should be able to adapt on the fly so that you and your guests are able to enjoy the evening without feeling rushed (with plenty of time for dancing).




When you start talking about wedding DJ budget, you also have to talk about value. People will invest only where they see a direct value. Be wary of national websites that create wedding budgets. Since those websites that do things on “average,” they are good for couples looking for an average experience. You deserve more! Because entertainment is a service-based business, it is not a product-based business. This means that wedding entertainment professionals are singular – there’s only one Jason Jani. In addition, there’s only one Denny Testa. Your wedding DJ cost will correspond to the experience and professionalism of that DJ.


What is an open format wedding DJ? Open format entertainment mashes different genres of music together, so that wedding guests of all ages can enjoy themselves at your wedding reception. An open format DJ may play Jackson 5, then NSYNC, then Usher, then The Chainsmokers. It’s a DJ’s job to create a unique experience so everyone at your NJ wedding or NY wedding enjoys themselves. Bad song requests can kill your dance floor – an open format DJ ensures that doesn’t happen as they read the crowd. Good songs can inspire and create emotion – music has the power to bring people together and escape from life’s stresses. This is why song selection and timing matters. Therefore, the right open format DJ will spin live and keep the party


Chemistry is a big part of choosing a wedding vendor. Your wedding is probably the biggest and also most expensive event you’re ever going to throw, so you should meet with your wedding entertainer prior to your big day. This will relieve stress and ensure you’re making the right choice for you. Start with Googling the person/company and reading their reviews. Watch any videos they may have from other weddings. If you can tell that you like their style, schedule a meeting with that wedding DJ to make sure you vibe with each other in person. Then seal the deal!


DJ Jason Jani incorporates DJ gear into your wedding reception that subtly enhances the atmosphere. Special lighting, screens, as well as equipment that looks like strategically placed furniture rather than a bulky DJ booth make your wedding reception look expertly designed and clean. The right entertainment gear adds ambiance to your wedding reception instead of taking away from it. Ask your wedding DJ what gear he/she brings along and how it looks in a ballroom, backyard, or wherever your wedding reception is taking place!


Your wedding is your wedding – not a replica of what other people have experienced. As a result, detail with your wedding DJ what is important to you. Some couples may have specific songs lists of what they want to be played. Other brides and grooms may give their wedding entertainer complete freedom to play what they feel is right to keep guests on the dance floor. Love Beyonce? More of an 80s fan? No matter what your style is, make sure you communicate your wants and needs, so your wedding DJ is on the same page.


Tips for Choosing a Professional Wedding DJ Company

Personality or Party:

One concern for a couple getting married comes down to the music that will be played at their wedding. Some new DJ’s are trying to emulate the club DJ’s. They want to be the personality at the show. And that is part of the issue – it is about them and their show. They have experience playing the new music but often lack the knowledge or experience playing a broader range of music. When you have guests ranging in age from young nephews and nieces to your aunts, uncles and grandparents, you need a DJ who can play music for people of all ages.

That’s why it is important to select an experienced wedding DJ service that are experts at getting people dancing and partying. You want DJ’s who are also familiar with the traditions of a wedding. From the ceremony, grand entrance to the important dances and the throwing of the bouquet, the DJ’s from Quality Entertainment have the right type of experience – and that’s wedding experience.

Ethical business practices

When it comes to choosing your DJ company, please check that they have the right type of insurance and licenses. Check with your wedding venue as some insist that the DJ’s have a certain level of liability insurance. Some DJ’s have skipped the step to safeguard your wedding. In addition, they may have side-stepped the legal procurement of music. They bought a laptop and downloaded music but they haven’t paid the license fees that allows them to be DJ’s in Ontario.

For example, Quality Entertainment is a proud member of the Canadian Disc Jockey Association and as part of its membership, they are fully licensed by the AVLA and completely insured for your protection. They are also licensed for business in Ontario.

Emergency Back up

It is the ultimate fear at a wedding – that a vendor doesn’t show up or a piece of equipment fails. When choosing a DJ company ask them about their emergency back up plans. Do they have back up DJs that can be called if yours becomes ill? Do they have equipment standing by in case something fails? This can give you a sense of their organization and how professionally set up they are. Quality Entertainment has you covered on both points

When you choose a DJ company for your wedding music don’t trust one that hasn’t taken the steps to be a professional company. Trust the company that has been doing it for 17 years – Quality Entertainment.


How to choose the right DJ for your wedding party

Professionalism and personality

Any form of contact with a wedding DJ should speak volumes. Danny advises that during any correspondence, be it in person or over the phone, you can get a feel for whether the DJ is a good business person, has a can-do attitude and is someone you can get along with… key qualities which suggest a superior service for your special day.


An award win can be the deciding factor when torn between any two wedding suppliers. Some awards may be more valuable than others, but always research the authenticity of any award titles or accreditations stated. Mainstream industry awards are often a winner.


Online reviews made by other couples will tell you all you need to know about whether a wedding DJ is good or great and will provide a professional and reliable DJ service. Browse the DJ’s website and social media; if the DJ has been given exceptional reviews, they’ll certainly want to share them.

Look further than five-star reviews, as Danny advises: “A five star-review is one thing, but read the content. This will really give you a better flavour for the company through the eyes of their clients.”


Danny says: “DJ2K is recommended by a number of top wedding venues in the UK. It is always worth considering a venue’s recommended suppliers and having a chat in the first instance. However, if your chosen supplier isn’t recommended or hasn’t worked at your venue before, don’t worry – they have the potential to bring a fresh approach to proceedings.”


Most Important Tips For Finding The Best Wedding DJ

Know what you should wait for, and know what you shouldn’t.

Uplighting gets cheaper every year. There’s a new style photo booth coming out each month. The point is, no one is going to run out of a commodity like lighting or photo favors for your wedding date. However, great wedding DJs get booked up far in advance because they have a high demand. With only 52 weekends a year to perform from the 100s of requests they get each year, make sure you don’t wait too long to secure a DJ. Unless you don’t want the best, which in case you should wait as long as you’d like.

Beware of the all-in-one.

Generally, any company that provides a lot of multiple services such photography, videography, entertainment, decorations, etc. in one package is  not great at any of those things, or only great at one of those things. Your DJ should be able to provide you with music for your ceremony & cocktail hour, and also lighting and sound for your reception. But beyond that, you’re not going to find the best of anything all from one single vendor.

Hire a two person wedding DJ team.

The best wedding DJs consist of a two person team, an emcee and a DJ. It’s practically impossible for one person to play music and run your wedding reception at the same time. Formalities can be announced from behind the turntables, but don’t be surprised if the solo DJ talent that you hired to focus on the music for the reception is a little overwhelmed by the additional demands that come from performing for a wedding (as opposed to a nightlife event). A two person team will make formalities smoother, allow the emcee to check in where needed, and much more. In addition, some venues that host multiple weddings on the same day only allow for a small window of time for your vendors to setup. If this is the case, hiring a two person team is going to ensure that they are setup in time. You should have a great DJ focused on the music at all times, and a great emcee to focus on the rest of the party.