Tips To Find Good Commercial Cleaning


Talk to business owners you know

Whenever you are looking for decent goods or services, one of the best ways to go about it is to get referrals from people you know and trust. Ask them what kinds of cleaning services they need and where they found the commercial cleaning company they use. You should ask more than just if they like working with the company but find out where and how they found them and what the process to find them was like.

Go with someone who is local to you

Given the number of commercial cleaning companies you have to choose from, you should be able to go with one that is located near you. If the company is headquartered near you, you may be able to get a faster response if you need something done quickly. For example, if you have a problem and need a special clean up done right away, you might be able to get the cleaning company to your location sooner than if they are a franchise with a headquarters states away.

Talk to a few commercial cleaning companies

Before you hire a commercial cleaning services company, it is important to take the time to talk to at least three. While you are doing that, you should make sure you get detailed estimates from all three. It is important to get the quotes in writing so that it is easier to compare and contrast. Another reason is that once you have contracted with a commercial cleaning company if you find they are not doing things as proposed or you have other issues, you can refer back to the paperwork you were given.

Ask them all about the kind of insurance they carry

You need to make sure they have the appropriate amount of workers’ compensation and liability insurance. You should ask them about it but you also need to do what you can to verify everything that they tell you. If they do not carry the right amount of either kind of insurance, you can be on the hook for a lot if something should happen. Any amount of time you spend checking on this will be worth it when you gave greater peace of mind once you have signed on with a commercial cleaning services company

Ask about the cleaning products they use

ou should seek out a company that uses green cleaning products. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor pollution levels can be anywhere between two and five times greater than those outside in a home. This difference can be even greater in businesses. One way to make your workspace healthier is to hire a commercial cleaning company that uses healthier products.


Tips to Finding the Best Office Cleaning Services

Proof of Insurance

Let’s start with the basics – proof of insurance is one of the first things to look for prior to moving to other considerations. Liability insurance protects you against costs that may be incurred in the case a cleaner becomes injured at the workplace

Excellent Reputation

Professionals in the field need to have a big number of satisfied clients. The happiness of former customers stands as evidence of effectiveness and quality. Look for online testimonials – they can provide a lot of important information

Flexibility and Customization

Every business has highly specific cleaning needs. Whether your office is a small one or the company employs hundreds of people, you have to make sure that the office cleaning services you’re interested in can be customized.

Variety of Services and Cost Considerations

Some offices have much more specific cleaning needs than others. Cleaning companies that offer an array of services will be much better prepared to address these needs than cleaners who specialize in just a few basic processes.

Ease of Communication

This is a factor that some business owners underestimate. Ease of communication is incredibly important when choosing a service provider. Make sure that the cleaning company you intend to partner up with understands your needs and is ready to communicate thoroughly to maximize benefits for the client.


Tips For Finding The Perfect Commercial Cleaner

Find Someone Who Is Qualified And Experienced

The first thing that you should look for when it comes to choosing the perfect cleaning company for your commercial needs is their qualifications and experience. While cleaning isn’t necessarily a job which requires a lot of qualifications, they certainly help, and they can provide proof that the cleaner in question is well equipped to handle your work.

Where possible, you should always work with commercial cleaners who have a well established company and who have been in the business for a decent amount of time. Find someone who has qualifications relating to the type of building you have – commercial, residential or industrial – and who has decent cleaning equipment and materials

Find Out About The Company’s Cleaning Policies

Depending on your views and the type of business you have, the policies of a cleaning company may or may not be important to you. If you are looking for environmentally friendly cleaning service, you should always ask about a company’s green cleaning policy. Find out what sort of chemicals they use, and ask them if they are willing to use non-toxic chemicals and cleaning methods when working in your building.

Read About Their Reputation & Past Reviews

A cleaning company’s reputation can speak volumes about the quality of their work and how they are likely to perform in the future. If a company has a good reputation that has been built through years of hard work, then they will probably do a good job cleaning your building. However, you should be wary of companies who have a weak reputation or who haven’t been in business long.

If you want more information about a company’s past performance, then a quick internet search will usually turn up a range of reviews from past customers. Choose a cleaning contractor with good past reviews and who worked well for past clients.


Five Tips To Consider When Choosing A Commercial Cleaning Company

Look for an Experienced, Well-established Commercial Cleaning Company

Well established and has been in the cleaning industry for several years and which possesses the experience, workforce, and skills required to provide a thorough cleaning

Find Out More About the Services the Cleaning Company Provides

Apart from vacuuming and dusting, what other services does the company or companies you are considering provide?

Find Out More About the Company’s Policy on Staff Training Requirements

The cleaning company you are considering should be one that offers its new staff comprehensive training, prepares its workforce to use the latest cleaning equipment and materials, and continually educates them on the latest health and safety protocols and new cleaning techniques.

Examine their Standards and Certifications

It is imperative to ensure that the cleaning company you are considering holds the highest certifications and maintains/adheres to stringent standards of cleaning excellence such as the Sunshine Quality Assurance Program. Also, make sure that the company is fully insured and bonded

Find Out If They Are Committed to Green Cleaning

Green cleaning refers to taking a more holistic approach to cleaning and caring for buildings, those inhabiting them, and the environment at large by using materials and practices that are health-and-eco-conscious


tips for hiring a commercial cleaning company

Do they have experience?

If you hire an experienced cleaning company, you can be confident that the job will be done to the highest standard possible. Whist a new company may show potential, it’s just not worth the risk. An established business means that they have built up a good reputation, treat their cleaners with respect and will have a good client base who trust their services

Do they understand your business?

Are you responsible for a Doctor’s surgery, call centre or based in an office? It makes all the difference to how the facility should be cleaned. Tell your prospect cleaning company, so they can understand how to best approach the cleaning regime. The type of building that your business operates will affect the cleaning company you should hire. There are a few things that the cleaning company will need to know. For example, the square footage, types of flooring, number of rooms etc

What should the cleaning schedule look like?

How often do you need your workplace cleaned? And what times would be the most convenient for your business? Schools are often cleaned every afternoon ready for the next morning. Whereas sports centres might be first thing in the morning before opening or in the night after closing. If your business operates 24 hours, then you can pick a quiet time

Can they clean to the right standard?

It’s important to your cleaning company to know what’s important to you about your workplace. Why are immaculate cleaning standards important and what impact will it have if standards were to slip? Hygiene and safety are key in schools and hospitals to keep pupils and patients safe from injury and illness. 710,000 patients a year are infected from dirty wards. Make sure they are ready to clean at the standard you need.

What work environment do you want to create?

What kind of environment do you want to create for your employees and/or customers? It’s so important to create a positive working environment. Reception and client facing areas need to be welcoming and calm, whereas offices need to be clean and organised to help with productivity. Check out the benefits of a clean office here. We love to hear our clients talk with passion about their workplace. If something is important to you – then it’s important to us and our cleaners.