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How to Find a Custom or Luxury Home Builder

Setting out to find a new home has its challenges, especially if there’s no new homes on the market that totally satisfy what you’re looking for in a new home. If this is the case, then finding a custom home builder to create your perfect home is a great approach for you.

So how do you find the custom homebuilder that will bring your dream home to life? It’s imperative to find the right custom builder as this person or group will be charged with creating the home you’ve always wanted in precise detail. With that in mind, it’s best to have a detailed list of things to consider while selecting a custom home builder.

Determine what you want in a custom home

The first part of the process is to jot down exactly what you want in your custom home. It can range from having a different layout for one or two rooms in the home or having a more intricate home plan.

The key thing to consider is that as you grow, your house should grow with you and be able to accommodate you and your family in that process with a consistent quality. If you do this ahead of time, when you sit down in interviews with custom home builders, they’ll be able to provide you better estimates based off your drawings and list of what features you’re aiming to have in your custom home.



When you build a custom home, you can either alter an existing floor plan or create a one-of-a-kind home to include everything on your list, but both options require a skilled architect and a reputable home builder.  Do extensive research to determine which architect and home builder is the right fit for you.  Find professionals that already build residences that match your style.  Take a tour of any models homes available so you can see the quality of their work, pay attention to the architectural details, and ask questions about their process.  Architects and home builders need not only look good on paper, so schedule a meeting with them so you can get a feel for the people behind the name.


Anyone with a basic knowledge of contracts knows you should read every word before signing, but reviewing your luxury home building contract is more about learning what to expect during the home building process and making sure none of your specifications have been missed.  Have a list of everything you discussed with your realtor and with the home builder so you can be sure it is all included in your contract.  Your contract will also provide vital information, like an estimated date of completion and any processes the builder has for when there are delays because, let’s face it, many things can occur during the construction of a new home.  The key is having a homebuilder that can handle it efficiently and effectively.


Works as a Partner with you

A quality custom home builder will work with you and the design team to review the lot you have selected, how much of the lot will be used for house space, and then develop the layout, room sizes, elevations and design recommendations that meet your personality and goals to deliver the custom home that you want.

Has a Reputation for Quality – There is no substitute for getting it right. Top custom home builders only work with subcontractors accustomed to doing custom work. They make sure all are insured and  have proven track records. Most quality custom home builders will provide a list of their preferred trade partners for your convenience.


Forming a budget

Your budget will help determine every feature added, from custom high-end fittings, to electronics. What you don’t want to happen, is to get near the end of your project and find that you’ve depleted your budget.

Take your time in figuring out what you absolutely can’t do without in your luxury home, and how much you’re planning on spending. Making a list of your “must-haves” lets you choose where to allocate your budget.

Designing Luxury HomesPutting function first

Have you been in a luxury home that feels a little empty? You want a home that oozes warmth. If your builder doesn’t plan to make each space functional, a luxury home can easily feel unwelcoming. It’s up to you and your builder to plan how to make the most of each space, so your entire home feels warm and inviting.

The true definition of a custom luxury home is a home that provides a great family setting. At the same time, you need a friendly and engaging space for entertaining guests. Talk to your builder about how you’ll spend time in your home, to ensure your home functions the way you want it to.


Decide on Your Location

Whether you’re building your very first luxury home or crafting a holiday house for relaxation and recreation, you need to make some solid decisions before the build begins. You might have a number of suburbs and neighbourhoods in mind and need to narrow down the perfect block of land. Consider its proximity to amenities and areas that you frequent. If you’d rather be close to the centre of the action, a more metropolitan block of land will work best. If a remote and relaxed lifestyle is more your speed, a rural block could be your oasis.

Create an Electrical and Lighting Design

Day and night, your home will be powered by electrical and lighting systems. When it comes to designing a functional and appealing system, it’s important to work with builders and experienced electrical contractors. You’ll be guided through the possibilities and your design will be tweaked to accommodate your electrical and lighting vision; from simple and sleek to grand and extravagant.

Build with Custom Home Builders

Ready to bring your dream home to life? Work with experienced custom home builders to execute your designs with precision.